OSU’s Sibs & Kids Weekend VLOG 2016

Hey yall!

This past weekend was Sibs & Kids Weekend here at Ohio State. This is where all the students can invite their siblings and family to campus for a weekend to experience college life and explore Columbus. What is really cool about this is that it isn’t just a normal weekend, OSU and all of the residence halls on campus plan programs and events for everyone to join in on and post them to a schedule that is on an app called Guidebook so those who attend Sibs & Kids Weekend can see everything that is going on all weekend and plan their own schedule.

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My sister and brother-in-law drove up to Ohio from another state and my mom drove down from our home town for the weekend. I don’t get to see my sister much because she lives far away so when I do get to see her it is always exciting and fun.

They got into town Friday morning (really early) and slept while I had my 8am, 9am, and 10am, and a midterm (ugh). After all that was finished we went to the Ohio Union to check them in and get their bracelets which lets them into all the events. They also gave us these cool hats!


I walked the family around campus and showed them the Oval, the Shoe, the RPAC, the Scarlet Walkway, Mirror Lake, the Union, and the gift shop where I got a new hat and my brother-in-law bought his first OSU shirt!

We only picked one actual event to go to on Friday and that was “Chocolate Science” where, yup you guessed it, we learned about chocolate, but most importantly we ate chocolate! It was really cool because we actually had a professor who taught this class regularly in semesters teaching us this mini class. She brought in samples of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate and had us taste it with our 5 senses and by that I mean we had to feel it for greasiness, look at it for any air bubbles, smell it, taste it, and listen to it. When she told us to listen to it I was really confused because how was I supposed to listen to food? It didn’t make any noises? But then she said “Listen to it, while you’re biting into it and chewing it, what noises does it make? Does it crack or just dissolve.” and that made more sense to me. It was a really cool class because we learned how Cocoa was created and what it was used for back in the day and how that has changed and regulations surrounding the making of chocolate today.


After that they left me to go to the casino with my grandparents because I’m not old enough to go. It was okay though because my building hosted an event for Sibs & Kids Weekend that I had to help with. We painted OSU canvases, made buckeye keychains, and watched Monsters University and ate popcorn. Since my family left, I made them all keychains and painted my sister and brother-in-law a block O canvas painted like an OSU helmet. I also painted 2 other canvases for myself that I made by using different lipstick and lipgloss colors and then kissing the canvas all over, and another one that said “wake up & makeup” with eyelashes and lips.


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On Saturday we went to Student Appreciation Day where the football team ran some drills with students and Urban was there. This was to appreciate the students for supporting the football team during the season. We got to see where they practiced/where the magic happened. We got pictures with the Championship trophy and with the “i dotter” in The Best Damn Band In The Land!! We also went to the Shoe to take pictures on the field and look at the recruiting room. We ate at Mad Mex which is on High Street for lunch, then went back to my dorm and took a nap.

Sunday morning we went on a tour of the OSU Dairy Farm and got to pet baby cows and pregnant cows, they were so cute! It smelled really bad though (obviously). After the tour we went to Polaris Mall and shopped around a bit, then had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, where I ate 2 baskets of rolls, whoops. 


The weekend was a lot of fun because I got to see my family and show them around my campus. There were SO many events going on that we wanted to go to, but there weren’t enough hours in the day. A lot of them happened at the same time so we had to decide, which was hard. If you are interested in partaking in Sibs & Kids Weekend in the future I highly suggest you do! It is only $5 per person you bring and you get a free goody, this year it was a hat. There is a wide variety of events for everyone and it is just so much fun to bring your family on campus and show them how you college.


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