Get Organized Every Month in 8 Steps

Hey yall!

It is a brand new month with endless possibilities. I love new months, years, weeks, anything! I just love new beginnings. They are so refreshing and exciting. Today I am sharing with you my routine that I do at the beginning of every month. Y’all know how organized I am, so yall knew I would have something like this planned up my sleeve. So here it is:



I re-do my dry-erase calendar. This is probably my favorite thing to do out of everything and I’m not sure why. My roommate and I always laugh about how excited I get around the last week of the month because I know it’s almost time to change my calendar.

I personally like my dry erase for college because things change a lot so this way I don’t have to scribble out pen and ruin a paper calendar. But if you trust yourself enough to use pen on paper, go for it!


I think having a calendar hung up or on your desk is very important to keep things organized. A planner is too, I personally like and have both so I don’t forget anything and I know what I have planned. I have my calendar hung above my bed and on it I put student org meetings, work, work meetings, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, payday (the most important), and little extra things I sign up for along the way. I save the assignments and homework for my planner.

If you’re looking for the perfect planner to ring in the new year with check out my personal favorite: Paper Trail Planners! These are my own personal creation and business that I started over the summer after Freshman year! They are perfect for college students because they’re made by a college student!


This next one I do everyday, but for those of you who aren’t as anal as me, you should make this a once a month routine. Upload any pictures you have on your phone to your computer, or an album on Facebook so you can delete them off your phone and have more storage. I started doing this because I LOVE taking pictures so I have a million, but I also don’t have that much storage to hold a million pictures, and I cannot bring myself to delete any of them because I feel like if I delete a picture I am deleting the memory! So I would take my pictures and immediately upload them to Facebook to get them off my phone so I could delete them without actually deleting them.


I take a look at all my coupons, old and new, and organize them in a way where the ones that are going to expire this month are at the front so I use them and the rest are in chronological order from there. I also keep them in separate slots in the back behind my categories in my Cash Envelope System, and sometimes I put them in the category that corresponds for what the coupon is for so when I’m shopping I won’t forget about them, or I will specifically buy this brand if I have a coupon for it. The worst feeling is finding a 50% off coupon and realizing it expired last week, so don’t let that happen to you and go through them every month!

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CLEAN YOUR BEDSHEETS AND PILLOW CASES!!! This is a big one!!! You should technically be cleaning them every 2 weeks but I know that is a hassle especially in college, so at the beginning of every month is good enough. A way to make your sheets and pillowcases last throughout the month without feeling dirty is to

1. not eat in bed.
2. wash your face before bed EVERY NIGHT so your pillow case stays clean.
3. shower every night before bed so you have a nice clean and fresh body jumping into your sheets.


I try to write a couple of goals down that I want to accomplish this month and hang them above my desk to keep me motivated throughout the month. They can be the same as last month, something long-term, or they can change every month, it doesn’t matter as long as you are staying motivated!

In this case I have been slacking with my workouts so I want to start that again this month, and at the end of this month (April) is the 2016 Cheerleading Worlds that I am going to again, that I also need to start saving money for.



I like to look at the month ahead (and next month so you are super prepared) and look for any birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, or holidays that are coming up so you can start budgeting NOW for them. Set aside a little pocket in your Cash Envelope System for this event and start throwing your extra change in there along with putting aside some of your checks for this event. If you don’t want to/can’t start a new category you could also take a little from each category on payday to stay with the same amount you budgeted for 2 weeks instead of adding more. It is better to start early than wait until the day before and realize you don’t have enough money for that gift or dinner you wanted.

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Along with looking ahead for events, look ahead for any Midterms, Finals, big projects, and quizzes you may have so they don’t sneak up on you and hit you in the face! This way you can plan accordingly and have plenty of time to study for them without feeling rushed, crammed, or stressed! This is my upcoming month, say a prayer for me.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.51.11 PM

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Deep clean your dorm/room. I clean every week and daily as messes arise but that is the normal tidying, laundry, vacuum, etc. But at the beginning of the month I will deep clean everything. That means dusting, mopping, vacuuming everywhere (pulling everything out and vacuuming under the bed and behind things), windex my mirrors and windows, and cleaning out the fridge and microwave. This is important in a small dorm room because dust and dirty accumulates quickly and if you don’t keep up with it it will consume you and before you know it you won’t be able to see the floor, the fridge will smell like spoiled milk, and there will be dust bunnies floating around that look like tumble weeds that you get scared of because you think it is a giant spider (because I’ve done that before). So just deep clean at the beginning of the month and throughout the month stay up on tidying your space so clutter doesn’t accumulate.


I hope these 8 things will help you to have a more productive, clean, and focused month ahead of you. Starting off the month good just helps the month continue to go well.

If you start strong, you finish strong!



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