My Summer Jobs

Hey yall!

We are nearing that point that every college student loves and hates at the same time, THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!!!! College students love this time of the year because it is finally getting warmer, classes are coming to an end, they’re getting one step closer to graduating, and you get to go home for the summer. All of those things are awesome!

But we also hate this time of the year because since it is getting warmer you want to be outside instead of inside studying for finals, which is a good reason to hate this time of year, and the dreaded summer job. Yeah we get to go home and spend time with out families but that also means we have to look for a summer job.


Now that you are in college there is no more true Summer Break like yall have it in high-school. Some of yall work I know, but most of yall get to enjoy summer more as a high-school student. We on the other hand might have internships, books to read, and a job to get so that we can save up money to actually stay in college for another year.

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I on the other hand don’t get to go home for the summer. This is a good and a bad thing. I miss my family and want to go home of course but my home town is only 2 hours away so it is a quick trip to go see them or for them to come see me. I’m not going home because I decided to get a summer job, actually TWO summer jobs!!

I will be returning to my building (Siebert) as an Office Assistant again but for the summer. The good news about this is that this desk is a 24 hour desk open 7 days a week so I can work 1am-7am or 9am-5pm anything!! I can fit this schedule around my other schedule for my other job and work somewhat crappy shifts that other people don’t want.


I loved this aspect of working at McDonald’s (ew I know) my junior and senior year of high-school because I could work around my school and cheer schedule. I would work 4am-9:30am on Saturdays then go to the gym at 10am for practice until 2pm then back to work for a little bit. I could work late night shifts after school (hours that normal businesses close). So yes, McDonald’s sounds like a bad place to work but it was the only job that fit my schedule in high-school with cheer. But I was making decent checks at the time.

The other job I got this summer (the one I am more excited about) is a coaching position at a cheerleading gym!!!!!!!!! This job starts in the summer but it is a job that I will be working during the school year as well, so it isn’t temporary!!! I will be teaching tumbling classes, holding workshops, helping with try-outs and summer camps, as well as coaching my own teams in September!!! I can’t even describe to yall how excited I am for this job! I loved coaching back at NEO. My team was my baby and I loved those kids so much and they loved me back. We went undefeated and had such a fun season. I can’t wait to do that all over again down here.

So, I will be staying in Columbus over the summer but for an AWESOME reason!! I can’t wait for these 4 weeks to fly by!! I will definitely keep yall posted with my team this upcoming year!!

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