How I Store My Makeup In College

Hey yall!

I showed yall everything I bought over Spring Break on a college budget the other day (which was a very good amount). But after buying so much more make-up plus all the make-up I already owned I didn’t have anywhere to put all of it. So I went shopping again. This time for some make-up storage, while still on a college budget.

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Shopping for anything in college is harder because you have less money to shop with. Shopping for makeup storage solutions is even harder because those clear acrylic drawers and sets you really want are more expensive than the makeup that's going to go inside. Here is a makeup storage haul for all my college girls out there.

I went to Marshall’s this past weekend with my cousin to help her find things for her new apartment. I ended up spending some money on myself because I still had some stashed away in my cash envelope system, so why not? I had been looking online for makeup storage and saw that the clear acrylic storage drawers/cubbies are like $30 EACH!!!! That is too much for me. I am not paying $30 to STORE my makeup. I’m not even spending $30 on my makeup itself! I saw the perfect makeup storage containers at Marshall’s for a good price so I couldn’t resist.

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I bought this long short black stand with 2 drawers (for $10) and it’s matching 3 white drawer taller compartment (for $12) that fits perfectly on top! I bought the glass and sand that’s holding my makeup brushes at Dollar Tree (for $2) to showcase and store my makeup brushes and I love it!! Now of course I’ll show you what I’m storing in everything. But I am warning yall now, I don’t have a lot of makeup, but I’m trying to build my little collection up so don’t judge!!


In the first white drawer I put the things I put on first (duh) my face primer, Mary Kay CC Cream, and Mary Kay powder foundation.
In the second white drawer I put the second stuff I would put on, my eye colors, (aside from my palettes because I keep those somewhere else). I keep my Mary Kay cream eye colors and leftover cheerleading glitter and smaller eye palettes in this drawer.
In the 3rd white drawer I keep the other half of my eye stuff such as eye liners, mascaras, and eyebrow pencils.

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In the right hand black drawer I keep random stuff such as my highlighting palette, concealers, blending sponge, and setting powder.
On the other side I keep cotton balls, for cleaning, until I get more makeup to fill this drawer up with!

On top of the white container I keep my Mary Kay brush cleaner, face wash, moisturizer, hand cream, hand scrub, and hand softener, and oil free eye makeup remover. I also keep my setting spray (and sometimes my ring).

I used to sell Mary Kay and that is why I have so much of it, although I love Mary Kay and selling it, I had to take a break in college to get my life together!

On top of the black part I keep my brushes in my brush holder that, like I said before, made myself from a glass and sand that I bought at Dollar Tree.

I bought a separate compartment (for $4) that I keep all of my lip colors, liners, and exfoliators in. It holds all of my lip colors (for now, until I buy out Colourpop!).


I bought this magazine holder thingy from Dollar Tree (for $1) to actually hold papers and folders on my desk until I got more palettes and needed somewhere to put them. I converted that into my palette holder (and my Morphe contour brushes until I can go back to Dollar Tree and either get a bigger glass to hold ALL of my brushes in or another glass to keep them separate).

And this is what all of this looks like put together, taking half of my desk up.



I love that I was able to find CUTE and CHEAP makeup storage solutions that matches the theme of my dorm room. I am hoping that I will have to go back for more storage once I get more make-up!



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