Drug Store Makeup Looks for College Students

Hey yall!

Are you ready to see all of that make-up I bought last week in action?! Here we go!

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My Make-Up Routine

  1. Wash + moisturize my face
  2. Prime my face
  3. Apply a light coat of my MK CC cream (in Very Light) all over my face and down my neck
  4. Apply my highlight under my eyes, in the middle of my forehead, down my nose, and by my jaw line.
  5. Apply contour down the sides of my nose, on my cheeks to the tops of my ears, around my temple area, top of my forehead, and around my chin.
  6. Blend all of my concealers in by blotting and dabbing until well blended.
  7. Buff out the edges where the highlight and contour meet so I have a smooth transition.
  8. Set my highlight with a setting powder + set my contour with a bronzer
  9. Fill in my eyebrows
  10. Apply my eyeshadow and create my eye look, then do my eyeliner + mascara.
  11. Apply highlighters to wanted areas, then blush.
  12. Exfoliate my lips + apply Vaseline.
  13. Apply lip liner and lip color.
  14. Apply setting spray.

Look 1

This look is my favorite out of all of them because my lips match PERFECTLY with my dress!! I wore this outfit for a job interview to be a summer Office Assistant at my building this summer.

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Look 2:

I wore this outfit to a job interview to be a cheerleading coach at a gym down here in Columbus (which I got!!!).

This look is a gray smokey eye with a nude matte lip color.


Look 3

I wore this outfit to help CONDUCT interviews for people who were interviewing to be an OA in my building next year. CHECK OUT THAT WING THOUGH!!!

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This look is a creme orange eye with a nude gloss lip.

Look 4

This look is a simple white to black smokey eye with a smokin hot red lip!


I just got all of my new makeup on Monday so for the past 4 days I have been playing around with these new looks. I hope you like them and get some inspiration from them! As you can see, you can create beautiful looks on a college budget! Try it yourself!


8 thoughts on “Drug Store Makeup Looks for College Students

  1. I really love these make up looks. They’re so simple. I do make-up but not all the time and trust me when you literally run into your campus from your house. Make up seems unnecessary but i still do it.


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