College Budget Drug Store Makeup Haul

Hey yall!

I am here sharing with you my newest make-up pick-ups I got over spring break!!

IMG_2378First I got a new primer. This facial primer is from Giant Eagle and is cheap but it does its job! It is by Rimmel London and it is their Matte primer so it has a matte finish to it instead of a dewey look. It is white but dries clear so you don’t see it. It feels very thick and I can tell it’s leaving a layer over my face as the starting layer to my look. I do love the way it feels on my face. Before I got this I used to just moisturize my face before I apply my make-up because I didn’t think it was necessary to use primer but I decided to get a drugstore one to try it out and see if I like it before I go out to purchase a really expensive one. But this one works perfectly for my needs and I love the way my make-up comes out.

IMG_2382Next I got 2 new concealers from L.A. Pro Girl. I bought these online from Walgreens because they’re only $2.99 and these double as contour tools. I use these for my highlighting and contouring on my face. The 2 shades I got was Almond (the darker shade) and Classic Ivory (the lighter shade). The Classic Ivory shade I got is a little too organge-y for my skin tone and I will have to get a lighter shade, but I still love the way they look and feel on the skin. I do love the darker color on me but I can’t put too much of it on because since it is dark and I am so pale it comes out VERY dark if I’m not careful and then it doesn’t look natural. Blending is KEY people!!


I have heard wonderful things about using a Beauty Blender to apply makeup so I wanted to try something like it before going for the real deal. I purchased a knock-off drugstore version from Giant Eagle to try out. So far I like it because it does blend very well but I can tell this one is cheap and if I got the better one it would work better and have my finished product look better, but oh well. #BrokeCollegeGirlProbs.

I got Wet N Wild MAX Volume PLUS Waterproof Hydrofuge Mascara from CVS for only $1.99 at CVS and I loved the pink packaging (duh). This works awesome for $1.99!! I expected worse but the brush itself is very big so it divides my lashes and reaches all of them very nicely. I like it and it’s cheap so I like it even more.

I also got a Wet N Wild color icon Kohl Eyeliner white pencil because when I watch tons of make-up tutorials I always see them using white eyeliner on the bottom of the eyelid to make their eyes appear bigger and I wanted to give that a try.

I also bought a new eyebrow pencil/spoolie duo from Maybelline. It is their Brow Precise shaping pencil in soft brown. The pencil itself has a waxy feel to it so it stays and sticks to the eyebrow hairs a little, if that makes sense. I don’t like to extensively do my eyebrows like you see a lot of people do. I just like to fill them in a little here and there so this pencil is perfect for me.


I got Maybelline’s New Master Fix By FaceStudio Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder for setting my face and highlight. This powder is white and I put it on the parts that I used my highlight to set the cream. I let it sit on it for a little bit to bake then I brush it away with a big fluffy brush. I like this powder because since it is white, I can put it on my highlight to set it but I can also put it somewhere else that my contour was a little too dark to lighten it up a bit so it doesn’t look so harsh.



I NEEDED to get a highlighting palette because I love seeing highlight sparkles on people’s cheek bones. They are to DIE for. So I got one from the drugstore (because I’m broke and can’t afford high-end stuff) by Wet N Wild called Megaglo Illuminating Palette Eclairage. There is 4 different colors so I can pick one of them with my fan brush or I can kind of mix 2 or 3 if I want to. I love the way this is working so far though!!!



Since I got all this new make-up for my face I needed something to make sure all of that stayed on my face. So I purchased a setting spray that’s from Wet N Wild. It comes in this cute bottle with little numbers and dashes at the top like a kitchen timer because at the top it says “All Day Wear” so then you can turn the top and the numbers will go up showing how long this lasts. I just think it’s so cute they did that!! For now, I can tell this is a drugstore product. There are better ones out there that would make sure my make-up didn’t move at all, but this does a good enough job until I can save money for a nicer one.

I ordered 3 Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip colors and 1 Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip color!! All of them are FABULOUS OMG. They have the best feel EVER on your lips. They also come in the cutest packaging!! And they are only $6. Like are you kidding me?!?!?! I am buying every color, I promise you.

Helpful Tip: exfoliate your lips before applying the Ultra Matte colors especially. You don’t want flakey or cracked lips. Try using a lip scrub or some Vaseline beforehand then apply your lip color + another layer of Vaseline on top. The second layer will dry on top of your lip color.

The left picture is with the flash and the right is without.


I also got 3 more lip colors from NYX because they came in a set and I LOVE lip colors! These are their Butter Gloss so they are not lipsticks or matte, they are the glossy lip colors that are shiny and gooey. But they are super smooth and soft on my lips (like butter I guess!). The left picture is with the flash the right is with it off. The left also has the names of the colors. The 2 streaks above the 3 larger swatches are NYX lip liners I bought along with the lip colors. Lip liners are essential people!!! I was a non-believer before but they really make a difference!!! Those also have their names in the left picture.


Since I had bought enough lip colors I thought it was time to look for eye palettes. That is when I came across the brand Morphe. They have AMAZING priced and quality make-up brushes (which I got and will show next) and affordable, good quality eye colors and palettes. I decided to get this one because there were a lot of actual colors in this, I already have a lot of nudes so I needed colors.




I told you I would get to their brushes next so here they are. I got their contour brush set in white because all my other brushes are black and I loved the way these looked. I WILL be buying more brushes from them ASAP!!! The bristles on these are SO SUPER SOFT it is ridiculous. I didn’t even want to use them, but of course I have already and they feel great!! Definitely does a good job with cream and powder contouring.


That is all the new make-up I have recently purchased!! I know it is a lot and I know I have a problem…but at least I was shopping cheap right?

♥ Marissa

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