My 2016 College Housing Assignment

Hey yall!

So I just wanted to share with you the amazing news I just received, and I say that with 100% sarcasm.


last month we had to fill out housing agreements saying where we would like to live for the 2016-2017 academic school year. Let me remind you, this is the first year that OSU has started their whole “freshman AND sophomores are now required to live on campus” shindig. Before only freshman had to and then we could move off campus, but now we can’t (that already makes me upset) but that is another story for another blog post.

So my 2 friends and I had been debating for weeks leading up to this weather or not we wanted to request to live in a triple together or request singles in the same building. We weighed the pros and cons and decided to request singles in the same building so that we would all still be together but have our own private living spaces and privacy.

Housing Applications

My friends and I were all sitting with our laptops open waiting for the applications to go live at midnight. We wanted to be one of the first ones to submit an application so we would have a better chance of getting what we wanted. We kept refreshing our pages waiting for the start link to show up. Once it showed up we all clicked on it, and I’m guessing a million other people did too because this page took about 20 minutes to load.

Every time we finished a new step of the agreement and tried to go to the next we had to wait 10 minutes. I got kicked off the site multiple times due to how many people were on it. I don’t understand why this would happen because Ohio State KNOWS that there will be twice as many people on this site than normal because the entire freshman class has to fill out their housing agreements and so does the current freshman for their sophomore year. Usually it is just a couple freshman who decide they want to stay on campus the next year. OSU should have estimated how many people would be on the site and made sure the site could handle that many people. Instead they didn’t, and everyone spent 2 hours filling out a 20 minute application with multiple interruptions and restarts.

All of us filled in the exact same thing on every question so we had better chances of being put together. Once we finally finished, after an hour and a half, we submitted our applications.

We felt confident that we would get what we wanted. We applied to live in a freshman/sophomore dorm so we would have seniority in the building, we turned in our applications as soon as we could, and we all had outstanding GPA’s. We felt like we had all the criteria on our side. Now all we had to do was wait for the final placements.

The Results

I will be living in a super-double dorm room NOT in the building I requested.
My one friend will be living in a triple dorm room IN A DIFFERENT building.
My other friend will be living in a double dorm room IN ANOTHER DIFFERENT building.

what…are you kidding me? We waiting all this time, for this?

We all requested SINGLES in the SAME building. What do we get? Doubles and triples in 3 different buildings. We were all upset with our assignments. All of our buildings were on North Campus but we were all spread apart. My friend with the triple dorm room was especially upset because she wanted a single but now has 2 other roommates.

Having a random roommate will NOT be easy for me (obviously because of my OCD and cleanliness, perfectionism, and over-all neat-freak). Yes I’m crazy, I know. That is why I requested to live by myself people. It will be weird living with someone I don’t know since this year I was rooming with my best friend.

The only good thing about my assignment was that I had a super double. That means my room was originally meant for 4 people but now is for 2. So basically I get double the space. Here is the blueprint of my room. I have my own bathroom, a common living space (like a living room), and then the bedroom. This wasn’t so bad because at least I had my own bathroom, no more communal showers, and then I have 2 rooms! I mean that is pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.29.22 PM

All In All

I am disappointed I didn’t get what I want with living arrangements and I will miss my friends SO MUCH. We can still hang out, it just won’t be as convenient not living in the same building like before. I am going to try to embrace this new roommate thing and make the best of it. We will talk about everything that could arise as a problem and try to solve it before it even happens. Hopefully we can become friends or something because I have always been curious as to how the random roommate life goes.

Here is some updated information on housing assignments: My one friend who received the triple dorm room emailed housing and asked to at least get a double if she can’t get a single and they did switch her to a double in the same building as my other friend who also got a double. Now they get to live in the same building, which is awesome, but I am still stuck in a different building by myself with a random roommate. Ugh.

♥ Marissa

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