My Déjà Vu Experience In College

Hey yall!

This past Monday I had the pleasure to help out with a campus wide open house that was available to incoming freshman who wanted to look at residence halls on campus and talk to some students about their experiences at OSU. I was a tour guide for my building and I also got to show my room to those who came in for the open house.


This was such a great opportunity for me because I remember when my roommate now and I came to the OSU open house to look at dorms and talk to people. We were able to figure out where we wanted to live at because we could actually look at and walk into the dorms and look at the design on them instead of basing my decisions on the blueprint floor plans that are available online. We talked to a lot of students about how OSU was for them and got opinions on where to eat, where to live, what classes to take, how campus was, anything. It was such a good opportunity for us to partake in last year so I wanted to be apart of that process again for this years’ incoming freshman.

I greeted families as they entered my hall and told them all the things Siebert has to offer them along with the things that are around us (if you’re curious as to why Siebert is so great come to an open house and I will be happy to tell you!). I took them to a room so they could see what the dorms themselves look like and to talk to the person living in them. I was able to tell the families all of the fun I’m having as a freshman in Siebert along with all of the things I am involved in on campus that they could be apart of. I could see the look in their eyes that they were so excited and anxious to get to college (the parents not so much).

The parents were asking me questions about partying and drinking and sex and how that stuff goes and we were told not to talk about those issues because every one’s college experience is different and their child may or may not partake in those activities so we shouldn’t scare the parents off. But I could tell overtime a parent asked me something about that their kid would roll their eyes and walk away to look at something else because they were embarrassed. Some of them said “are you going to ask that everywhere we go?” and of course the parents would say “Yeah!” But those are parents for you! Mine were the exact same way!

So don’t be embarrassed if your parents ask those questions, let them. It will help them feel better about you leaving home, it is their way of dealing with it. They want to make sure you are safe.

Of course my favorite part of the day was being able to show my own room to families. A tour guide would bring the family to me and they would walk in and (mostly the girls because the guys didn’t care) would say “Oh my gosh! This is so cute! I love this! I can live like this!” and it made me smile. I remember coming to Siebert with my roommate now at an open house and walking into 2 girls’ room and acting the same exact way. I was wide eyed and my mind started racing at everything I could do with this room and how cute it was and how I wanted to live here and be like this (which now I am).

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I was able to answer questions for them and tell them about roommate living, sharing bathrooms, being an OA, student orgs, what’s near by, how to organize and decorate your room, etc. It was so much fun! I loved talking to the girls about college because they seem so excited and ready, while the boys just look and nod (I’m sure they only did that because I was a girl and they were looking at a girl’s room which didn’t appeal to them, but whatever).

11043034_1546516655600210_6494319415385568446_nThe next day on Facebook I got a notification about my memories for the day (those are the little notifications about what happens on this day in the past on your timeline etc.) and it was a picture of my roommate now and I in the car on our way to OSU for our open house. It just brought back so many memories! Mainly it made me think of how fast time flies. This time last year we were at an open house for OSU trying to figure out where we were going to college at and if at OSU where were we going to live at. All of those life changing decisions. Now, we live in Siebert hall together having the time of our lives here at OSU. It’s crazy to think about!!

Today on my way to class I passed a group of families getting a tour on campus and it just hit me weird. They all looked at me as I walked by in my coat and book bag on like I was from another planet. I was the college kid on the campus they were coming to visit. They were looking at me in the way I looked at the college kids on my own campus tour, with amazement. I would look at them and wish to be like thm the next year, walking around campus going to classes at OSU. Now I am. It was weird to see the tour because I remember being exactly where they were, looking at anybody and everything trying to take everything in at once. You seem so small on a huge campus for a tour. But now, I feel so big on this even bigger campus. This is my home. I belong here. I walk around with pride, I’m not that high-school senior who was intimidated by this campus, or didn’t know how to ride the bus, didn’t know where I was going on campus. I have grown and learned so much here not just academically but globally and about myself. College is the best thing I have decided to do with my life and I can’t believe this time last year I was a sneer visiting this beautiful campus, now I’m attending this college, walking these streets, going to classes here. And to think, that time flew by so fast, imagine how fast these 4 years are going to fly by, I mean it is already March and in 2 months I’ll have finished my first year at OSU and will be a sophomore already. Crazy.

The experience to host the open house and help those incoming freshman decide on where to go, where to live, and what to do with their lives meant the world to me because the people who helped me out when I was on my tour were awesome and I wanted to be that for other people. Seeing this tour group and reminiscing on when I was them was just a huge deja vu for me. It gave me a chance to really sit down and appreciate everything I have in front of me here at OSU and the fact that I am lucky enough to attend a university like this, able to learn about the world, my interests, and myself all along the way.


For those of you who are seniors now going through these life changing decisions of where to go after high-school I suggest you first just sit down and appreciate that you made this far and to take all of this in because before you know it you’ll have chosen a college, started buying things for your dorm, moving in, starting classes, passing finals, and hosting your own open houses in your residence halls helping the former you’s do the same thing. The endless cycle.

Also, seniors, while you are dealing with graduating, applying to colleges, and then having to decide which one you would like to be apart of, choose OSU!

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