My Freshman Year College Dorm Room Tour

Hey yall!

I did something wonderful!! I have, with a lot of help from D, rearranged the dorm room (for the third time this year). So my blog name still holds true, my desk has drifted once again (hah, get it?).


Now that I got that out of the way, I was at work and just started thinking, “what else could I do?” and I started drawing up plans for how else I could rearrange the room (because there are only so many ways you can rearrange such a little space). After I came up with the PERFECT plans I asked D if he would help me do it because it involved de-lofting my bed, then half-lofting both of our beds (which are extremely heavy). And of course he said yes, because he loves me so very much (keep in mind this took us 4 hours to do).

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Here are the results:

This is my side of the room (you all knew it was going to be pink, so don’t act surprised).


This is my roommate’s side of the room (she loves OSU, as you can see).


This is both of our sides.


And this is our closet space (can you guess which side is mine?).IMG_1713

I love living with my roommate in our tiny little OSU dorm room! It wouldn’t be the full college experience without it!


If any of you have a cool layout for you dorm room PLEASE share it with me or link me to a Pinterest page or SOMETHING!!!! I need ideas for next year!!!


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