A Weird Quirk of Mine

Hey yall!

It’s Day 31 of my 31 Day Blog Challenge. It’s over *has crying face like Kim*

My baby blog is now 31 days old (but really more than that because I’ve slacked on posting everyday a couple times. oops). But like I keep saying, it is exciting that this challenge is over so that I can dedicate the time I spent writing these everyday to writing new blog posts about my DIY projects, college life, cheerleading, or anything I want to!! That means you all have to check in tomorrow for the first official post after the challenge.

The last topic in my 31 day blog challenge that I am going to be writing about is a quirk of mine.


I’m sure some of yall seen this one coming because of my cleanliness and orderliness, but when I’m shopping, standing in line, or just looking for things at the store I always reorganize the shelves so that the lines are even and everything is brought to the front. In check out lines I make sure all the candy is even and there aren’t any holes. If I’m at a clothes store and I see a shirt stand that is all messed up I have to go fix it and fold the shits back. I will rotate bottles and cans so that all the labels are facing the same way. It is annoying sometimes because it can cause me to be in a store for more time than it should, but at least it is a pass-time for when I’m standing in line at the checkout.

I come into a store with it looking like this:


And Leave it looking like this:

I might as well have the parking lot looking like this too while I’m at it:


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