The Last Time I Cried

Hey yall!

Today is day 28 of my 31 Day Blog Challenge (that means only 3 more days are left in my challenge). This is a very bittersweet moment yall. I am sad to see the beginning of my blog to be over but I am excited to get started on what this blog is really about!

But todays topic is about the last time I cried.


I try not to think about myself as a crier, but there are times that I do cry. The last time I found myself crying it was for a good reason, I swear.

As you all may know I have cheered forever and I have recently had to stop cheering because I graduated from high school, I am 18, and I am in Columbus for college. That is really sad, but it is okay because you know how the saying goes: “Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened” (which I can thank my boyfriend for reminding me about anytime I catch myself in my feelings about cheerleading). So I do smile, a lot, because I was apart of such a great program with such great coaches and12341146_1630449680540240_5779399931390270512_n such great athletes. It was my home away from home full of such inspirational, motivational, and caring people, many of which became my best friends.

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But aside from that, I miss competing with my teams so when my gym had a competition down in Columbus I dropped everything I was doing to make it to the competition so I could see them all again and see the routines this year. So Muh (basically my cheer persona) was back for the day and it felt great to be around all of that again. I got to go back into warm-ups with all of the teams to watch them all get ready to compete. I watched as they all did the heartbeat circle that is a ritual for us before every team competes without me (which was sad). I stood out in the VIP area where friends and families of the competing team gets to stand to watch while they compete waiting for waiting for the team to come out. They announced them and they all ran out waving their hands huge smiles on their faces, I screamed as they ran out getting teary eyed as they all hugged their friends and got set up in their positions. They started the music and their routine started.

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When stunts came I was screaming for the flyers to stay tight and screaming for the bases to keep them up. When Jumps came I was screaming “hit, hit, hit” along with their jumps. When tumbling came I was screaming for them to stick their landings and to keep pushing through (because at this point everyone is tired). When pyramid came I was screaming because so far they hit their routine and the energy was crazy. When dance came I was crying because that routine looked beautiful. They hit. They all had huge smiles on their faces because they also knew they hit (for those of you who don’t know what that feels like, it is by far the greatest feeling). The coaches were screaming and jumping up and down hugging each other because their team hit. The whole crowd was cheering and clapping along with their music as they worked their dance. When they hit their final motion the whole team jumped right back up hugging each other as they walked off the mat feeling proud of what they just put out there.

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Here’s a couple pics from that day:

I cried because I miss that feeling, I miss being proud of my team, I miss having the coaches going crazy, I miss working dance after a perfect routine, I miss it all. That weekend was my first time at a competition as a spectator instead of an athlete. It was weird to sit in the crowd and watch the team I usually compete with compete without me. I was so proud of them though.

This weekend my gym is back in town for another competition that I have once again dropped everything for to go watch and I could not be any more excited to see everyone again (and ultimately cry again).


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