My 5 Favorite Blog Types

Hey yall!

So todays blog post for my 31 day blog challenge for day 26 is to share with yall 5 of my favorite blogs.


But actually, I do not have specific blogs that I follow or love but I do have 5 types of blogs I love.

  1. I love blogs that have to do with college (so like mine). I love getting inspiration from them and before I started my own blog I always read them to help me get ready for college and help me through my first semester. They help so much so I just want to be that for someone else.
  2. Blogs about DIY things are also one of my favorites because I love DIY-ing everything!! I love being creative and making things out of practically nothing. They always have innovative ways to do innovative things!! They are also always super funny and a lot of fun to follow and read up on. They keep things interesting.
  3. Weirdly, I love reading mother blogs because they are always so helpful to other people and very positive. They find cool ways to do things and their babies are always the cutest. I love the mommy things they do and how they raise their families, organize their homes, and get things done. They are really super heroes.
  4. Fashion blogs are awesome because I love learning about how to wear clothes and the fashion of the season and what people are wearing. I get a lot of ideas from them. But at the same time, I hate them because they have such good taste and I don’t. They also have endless money to buy the best clothes, which once again I do not have. Because of that, I do love the blogs that help people become fashionable on a low budget or on a DIY budget.
  5. The last kind of blog I like to read is anything organization weather it be with a planner, budgeting, organizing your home, organizing your computer, ANYTHING literally. I love to be organized so I love reading up on how other people do the same things I am tying to do. I get new ideas and better ways to do things I am already doing which is always great.

I suggest everyone find a niche that they like and read blogs pertaining to that because bloggers are such great people and seeing things form someone else’s point of view is such a great thing because you get to learn new things about yourself, others, and about things you like already!

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