A Difficult Time in My Life

Hey yall!

It is day 24 of my 31 Day Blog Challenge and I’m going to share with yall a difficult time in my life. Hmm, this one is a little personal.


I would say a difficult time in my life is when I had to move around and switch schools a lot when I was younger. I used to live in Georgia and moved to Ohio and had to switch elementary schools. That was hard for me because I had to leave all of my friends and move to a new school. This was a prime time in my life where I was close with my friends and I felt at home and this is where I belonged, then I had to leave all of that behind. It was hard making friends at my new elementary school at first because I was bitter that I left my old friends. I didn’t want new friends, I wanted my old friends. I got used to the adjustment though and made friends really easily when I opened up and was myself.

I stayed at this school from elementary school until freshman year of high-school. So at this point I had a new group of long-term friends and I was happy. But then I had to move again. I switched to a different high-school where I had to do all of that over again. At first I didn’t want to even bother making new friends because I felt like I would have to leave them again. I just stuck to myself. Good thing I did because what do you know, I moved again (this was me at this point).

Once again, I had to up and move. At least this time I wasn’t leaving a whole bunch of friends. I moved to a new high-school again my sophomore year of high school. This time I told myself I was definitely not getting close to anyone because there was always a chance I would leave again. This new school was huge and different than any of my other schools. I definitely felt out of place and like an outcast here. My name here was “new girl” which I went by for a long time. I had girls who hated me because I was new and they thought I was going to steal their boyfriends or something, I had guys hating me because they would try to hit on me and I would turn them down. I know these guys didn’t like me, they just wanted me because I was new. It is what happened at every school. That’s why I just ignored it.

BUT, this one guy just wouldn’t give up. Can yall guess who that is? I’ll give you a hint, he’s my boyfriend. He always flirted with me and messed with me, but ultimately he was nice to me and friendly. He called me by my real name and showed me the ropes of the school. I appreciated him. We were best friends because even after he tried hitting on me the first time and I turned him down (yes, I know, crazy) he didn’t hate me, he didn’t just never talk to me again, he didn’t careI turned him down. He helped me, we hung out, talked, and had fun being friends. (Obviously things lead to another and here we are today dating).

Those times were hard but they weren’t the end of the world. I survived. Ultimately, what I went through taught me a lot and made me who I am today. I might have hated it while going through it, but I love moving now, I love having so many friends everywhere that I still keep in touch with. I am thankful for the experiences I was able to go through because of these events. And the biggest point of all is, if I didn’t move everywhere I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend now (awww). That is something important to take away from this, never regret anything and everything that happens is always a lesson for you and will ultimately help you in some way shape or form that may not be obvious to you in that moment but will be clear later on.


Moral of the story is: this was a hard time in my life, but I don’t regret going through any of that. It made me who I am today.


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