30 Things That Drive Me Crazy

Hey yall!

Today is day 23 of my 31 Day Blog Challenge and I’ll be sharing with yall 30 things that drive me crazy (because I have to stop at some point or this could go on forever).


  1. Clutter.
  2. Loud chewing.
  3. Chewing with your mouth open.
  4. Talking with food in your mouth.
  5. Smacking gum.
  6. Dragging feet.
  7. When someone is late.
  8. People who don’t tip.
  9. Loud music.
  10. People who ask for your opinion, but then get mad at what you say.
  11. People who say they’re going to do something and then don’t.
  12. When someone asks for your advice, you tell them, then they do the complete opposite and come back upset again and never end up taking your advice that would help them. (*cough*cough* at one of my best friends)
  13. Liars.
  14. Donald Trump.
  15. Working in a group on a project because there is always those people who don’t do anything and I always end up doing all of the work.
  16. Tags hanging out.
  17. Bullies.
  18. Not using a turn signal.
  19. Sloppy motions (that is a cheer pet-peeve).
  20. When people play favoritism for things instead of choosing people to do things because of their abilities and qualifications.
  21. Girls on my floor not wiping the floor dry after they shower then walking into a puddle of water in my socks.
  22. Getting into my lofted bed and realizing I forgot something before I got up there.
  23. When people use the last of the toilet paper but don’t replace the roll.
  24. Toothpaste leftover in the sink.
  25. Hair in the sink or shower drains.
  26. Slow walkers.
  27. Foot tapping or pencil tapping when the whole room is silent.
  28. When people use the wrong they’re/there/their or to/too or than/then.
  29. When someone finishes the last of something but then puts the empty carton/box back where they got it instead of throwing it away.
  30. People who invite themselves into a conversation.


What’s something that drives you crazy?


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