Why You Need a Study Schedule + How to Make Your Own

Hey yall!

So today I decided to start planning for my first round of midterms that are in a little over 2 weeks (yes I like to plan ahead). I am doing this because it is best to study for something a week in advance, not 2 nights before. Studying a little bit each night leading up to the test/quiz/midterm is much better than cramming everything in during an all-nighter.

I decided to show yall how I make my Midterm Studying Schedule so hopefully this can help some of you get organized and study smarter for exams and ultimately get you better grades (you’re welcome).



  • your syllabi, or assignment sheet (for midterm dates and sections/chapters that are going to be tested on that midterm)
  • a calendar to look off of for dates
  • different colored pens for each subject you’ll be studying for (plus an extra one)
  • scissors (optional)
  • a ruler (optional if you like messy un-straight lines).
  • a pencil
  • highlighter/marker
  • a piece of paper


1. Take your piece of paper and make 7 rows for the 7 days of the week. Then make different rows for the amount of midterms you have. You should start scheduling for a midterm a week before it is. This is the best way to retain the material and not stress yourself out about studying.

2. Write in the days of the weeks and the dates into your study schedule that your midterms cover.

3. Use color coded pens to write in your study schedule for your different midterms. This is when you break all of your materials that will be covered in your midterm into 7 different mini sections to study.

Helpful Tip: Start your study schedule with your newest stuff then end your studying with the stuff you learned at the beginning this way you can remember the stuff you learned a long time ago. The newest stuff will be fresh in your head so you can review that stuff first.


4. Hang up your study schedule somewhere you will see it to remind yourself to actually stuck to it and study!



If you would love the video explanation of my Midterm Study Schedule check out our YouTube Channel here! for a video explanation.

I hope this can help you get organize your study time for Midterms! This method has worked wonders for me and when I introduced it to my roommate she loved it. It keeps you organized and scheduled. This way you aren’t overwhelmed with when to study or what to study. You know what you should be studying for that day so nothing is forgotten about, and you’re not crammed with doing 6 chapters of reading the night before!

Good luck on your Midterms!



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