Why You Should Start Planning Your Study Time

Raise your hand if you have ever told yourself that you were going to study really hard for your upcoming midterm…and then didn’t. Yup, me too. One thing that I have found that has helped me to stick to my word of studying is by planning my study time.


To start off, I plan to start studying for an upcoming midterm, final, or quiz, at least 5 days in advance. In my planner I block out a time frame that I have decided to dedicate to studying.

I’ve found that planning my time to study helps me stick to it. That way if your friends ask you to do something you can say no a little easier because you already have plans…to study. A little side tip is to tell your friends when you are planning on studying that way they don’t ask you to do something during that time, tempting you to throw away another day of studying because of your FOMO.

I like to create a study schedule to help outline what I will be studying and when I will be studying it. I tend to study the newest material first, because it is fresher in my brain and doesn’t require as much studying to memorize. Then I work my way back into our syllabus studying the oldest material last because that is the material I am more likely to forget and need more time refreshening.

To better explain, here is a video of how I created my study schedule for my upcoming midterms.


Goodluck on your midterms this semester! I hope you do more STUdying than stuDYING.


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