My 10 Favorite Songs Right Now

Hey yall!

Today is day 22 of my 31 Day Blogging Challenge and I’m listing 10 of my favorite songs right now. (In no particular order):


1. Sorry by Justin Bieber. So I used to be a hard belieber but I kind of fell off from when he first came out until now with his newest album, Purpose. It is so good, I listen to it everyday. But this song has got to be my favorite because of the beat and the lyrics. It just makes me happy and gets me pumped for anything. The music video is a lot of fun to watch too!

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2. Bright by Kehlani. I am OBSESSED with Kehlani. Like in love with her. Ever since she came to OSU for a free concert in the Fall I have downloaded all of her music and listen to it everyday. But this song just speaks levels to me. It is so deep and the message behind it is something everyone needs to realize and believe. I feel very strongly on this subject and this song just gives me chills. I sing my heart out to this in the shower. I highly suggest everyone listen to this song, once without the lyrics just to get the feel and then another time reading the lyrics along with it because the lyrics are very important and moving.

3. FWU by Kehlani (I did say I was obsessed people). This song is just fun and the beat gets me going and makes me happy whenever I am sad. If I am in a bad mood my boyfriend will play this because he knows I can’t resist singing along to it and dancing when it is played.

4. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. This song comes on right after Sorry on his album, which I always found weird because in Sorry he is basically saying he’s so sorry and then in Love Yourself he’s basically saying he doesn’t miss her and she’s awful? Kind of contradicting if you ask me. But this song is true and anyone can relate to this song in some type of way. I like the slowness and his vocals in this.

5. My Beyonce by Lil Durk. This song is just so catchy. He’s saying his girl is his Beyonce and she’s the truth, him and her can’t lose. It is just so cute to me. His voice makes the song too. Someone else couldn’t have sung this song and it sound as good (in my opinion).

6. All Eyes On You by Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill. I love Nicki and Meek together so this song that they did together is so cute. The music video is bomb and Nicki is just bomb (she’s my fav).

7. Still I Rise by Nicki Minaj. This is one of her older songs (like really old) but it is still something that I listen to everyday because of the message behind it and what she is saying. I love it. She is saying that no matter what happens to her she will rise and she will fight. This means a lot to me because everyone goes through hard things but you have to keep fighting and keep rising through it all. Very inspirational to me.

8. D.A.M. (Dats All Me) by Fetty Wap. I love me some Fetty. (ignore grammatical errors). Really though, Fetty is nice. My boyfriend, D, and I love to listen to him, especially when he has some sentimental-ish songs (like this one and the next one). Dand I love to listen to this one together and sing it to each other. I like his voice and I love his lyrics. It just flows nicely and I love listening to it.

9. Time by Fetty Wap. This is another one of his songs D and I like to listen to.

10. Pretty Hurts by Beyonce. This song has such a powerful message that I think everyone needs to hear and really take in. The music video makes it that much more powerful. She speaks the truth in this song and this needed to be said for the sake of young girls everywhere. This song also hold my favorite quote of all time a man asks her in the song “what is your aspiration in life?” and she responds with: “My Aspiration in life, would be, to be happy.”


I love listening to music so I always have Pandora on. I like listening to a wide variety of songs, not just the same ones over and over again. These 10 songs are just ones that I like to listen to right now, but I have many many many other favorites!

What is your favorite song? What is a song you love because of it’s strong message and meaning behind it? Share with us down below!


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