21 Reasons to Join OSU’s Class of 2021

Hey yall!

I know a lot of seniors are getting their acceptance letters from the universities they’ve applied to and now they have to do the hard part: deciding which one to choose.

So I am here to make that job easier!! I’m going to give you 21 reasons to join

The Ohio State University Class of 2021!!


1. For all my Ohio people and everyone else, according to colleges.startclass.com The Ohio State University is ranked #1 public university in Ohio!! Who wouldn’t want to go to the #1 school in Ohio?! The alumni from OSU are like no other. They have so much pride for their alma mater. Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye. Don’t you want to be apart of that?! The Alumni get their own organization on campus so they are always involved in the university even after graduating. This place sticks with you forever. And we have the best mascot around, am I right?!

2. Ohio State has over 58 thousand students on campus. You are bound to find your group of friends that will stay your best friends forever here whether its through a student org, job, class, roommate, on your floor, or in your building. There are too many people for you not to find something in common with at least one person. Since there are so many people here, it is never boring. There is always something going on for you to do.

3. Greek Life is big here so Sororities and Fraternities are a big deal. Rush week and Bid Day is HUGE. I didn’t rush but I know people who did and how the experience was for them and they loved it. If you’re interested in Greek Life you can check out some information on it here! There are over 60 to choose from and a lot of them live in fancy houses together and have a lot of fun networking and raising money for their desired philanthropy as a donation.

4. There are over 1,200 student run organizations that you can be apart of, or you can create your own if it doesn’t already exist! If you want a list of them you can find that here! There are 2 involvement fairs that happen every year. The Fall involvement Fair takes up the entire Oval (which is big) and then some. There are tables lined up with all of the student organizations you could be apart of. It takes a couple hours to walk down all the lines of tables but by the end of the day you will have wrote your name down on probably 15 email sheets that you are interested in. Of course you don’t have to do all 15 but you can narrow it down after every org has their informational meetings going into detail what they’re about. OSU has a wonderful Undergraduate Student Government student organization that is run by the students for the students. I am apart of it and if you love politics or just want to make some changes on campus and be involved, USG is a lot of fun.


5. Along with the Involvement Fairs, this campus holds Career and Internship fairs where people get all fancy in their suit and ties, go down to the Ohio Union and leave with a job interview scheduled or an internship for the summer. That’s crazy!! There are so many organizations, companies, etc. all lined up in the Union for people to come and talk to about jobs and internships. Ohio State does a good job getting people ready for their future during their undergrad and after graduating by lining people up who are ready to take in Ohio State students and give them jobs and other opportunities.

6. This campus is HUGE and there are a lot students on this campus, so it is good we have a big one. There are so many buildings, dining places, residence halls, and more for you to explore and walk through (because you will be doing a lot of walking). I want to, sometime before I graduate, visit every building on campus and do some exploring and find something cool in each one because these buildings are beautiful and unique in their own way and there is always something special in each one.

Thompson Library. Photo Credits: ME!

7. There are 3 gyms on campus that you can go to for exercising, one on each side of campus (North, South and West). So you will never be far from one if you are the type to work out. The RPAC which is on West Campus is the main one and the biggest. There is a floating track for running, 3 floors of equipment, a pool in the building next to it, basketball courts, raquetball courts, and dining places inside to fuel up. Since the campus is big you can do a lot of your running outside if you’re into that instead of on treadmills (there is also a running club on campus who go running together all the time that you could join!). There are also volleyball, basketball, and soccer fields outside the RPAC. All of the dining facilities have healthy choices/stations/options for you to choose from as well. You can get a personal trainer and a nutritionist for “free” (I put that in quotations because technically it isn’t free because you paid for it in your tuition, but it is free at the time you decide to get one. We’ll get to more of that later on).

8. There are PLENTY of job opportunities here on campus and off campus for you to choose one. If you get a job on campus, as a freshman, you are limited to 28 hours a week so you aren’t over worked, because academics come first. Which I like because then I am not having to work 30-40 hours a week which leaves me not time for student orgs, socializing, working out, homework, or even just chill time. The positions for jobs on campus are reserved for students, so you don’t have to worry about outside competition coming in. The best part about working on campus is that it is close. Because, I don’t know if yall know this, but first years are not allowed to have vehicles so you can’t drive to a job. It’s either you take the bus or you walk somewhere (or you know an upper class-man who has a car). I do recommend getting a job your first year on campus because studies show having a job while in school helps with your time management, multi-tasking, and other things that can transfer to your academics positively. I work as an OA (Office Assistant) at the front desk of my building and that job is awesome because I am able to do homework in my free time behind the desk. If you work at a dining facility you are given free or discounted meals after working (free food is always a reason to do something).

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9.Did I mention already that we are one of the Big 10 Schools? I saved that for #10 on purpose. I must say the Big 10 Football, Basketball, Soccer, any sport game for that matter are crazy! There are always so many people at these events, they’re themed, and they’re a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend getting the Big 10 Football Ticket package so you can go to those for sure.

10. OSU has over 200 Majors you could choose from (a list of them are here!) that aren’t provided at other universities along with the category of “exploration” which is if you are undecided o your major when entering. The professors are dedicated and educated in their classes they teach, they know what they are talking about and they know how to teach it to you. They are always happy to help in office hours, after class, during class, or through E-Mail. OSU also has 180 minors (a list of them are here!) you could choose from to go along with your major. You would be working toward 2 degrees at one time which is great because you are only paying for the time that it takes to finish one. You also have the option of double or even triple majoring with minors as well. To help you figure all of this out you are assigned an Academic Advisor while you are at orientation and they help you choose your majors or minors, if you haven’t already, and help you figure out what classes you need to take. They are a lot of help when it comes to scheduling your classes (because you do that yourself).

11. FOOTBALL. I didn’t forget about football, how could you when you go to Ohio State. (You can’t) You are reminded each and every day. Whether it’s someone wearing something OSU apparel (which everyone does, everyday) or you see Brutus walking around campus, eating at Traditions, or working out in the RPAC, you are reminded that you go to OSU everyday. OSU has the craziest fans out there (trust me). They are die hard. They will paint up in the rain, negative degree weather, you name it. They are dedicated. We have a student org called Block-O which goes to games (of every sport) be spirited, selling shirts, etc. (there’s more to it, but that’s the gist). The Shoe is famous on campus, there are actually classes in there, so you might get lucky and have one in there. I walk by it everyday and it’s size and beauty gets me everyday.


12. There are so many opportunities given to you here at OSU (literally given). I’m talking about career and future opportunities. There is a huge student research program here where you can run your own studies in a lab, or work under someone else to study things yourself that are in your field, major, or in your interest. You can graduate with Honors Research Distinction on your diploma (which obviously looks good). Your professors can get you in contact with people outside the campus for job and internship opportunities (if you make yourself known to them and get to know them as well). That is why I recommend sitting in the front during class so your professor knows your face, maybe not your name in a lecture hall of 400, but it’s still good. Go to their office hours even when you don’t need help with a subject, go to talk to them, get to know them, and have them get to know you so when something pops up they have you their mind to let know.

13. I know tuition is a lot, roughly $22,000 for in-state and roughly $48,000 for out of state, BUT all of that goes to good use, I promise.

  • Your tuition pays for “free” concerts that OUAB (The Ohio Union Activities Board) puts on for students. In the fall we had Big Sean and Kehlani. In the past we’ve had 2 Chains, Kendrick Lamar, Steve Aoki, Childish Gambino, Trace Adkins, Skrillex, Mac Miller, The Band Perry, J.Cole, Weezer, and many more.
  • You get to ride the CABS busses (Campus Area Bus System) for “free” which take you around campus.
  • You can ride the COTA bus (Central Ohio Transit Authority) for “free” which is the Columbus busses, so you can go other places (like the mall).
  • You can get discounted tickets with your Buck ID just for being an OSU student to movies, concerts, museums, anything.
  • Your residence hall that you will live in your first and second year will have funds that is used to decorate your building and floors to look cute in themes and whatnot.
I decorated this wall for fall in my dorm!
  • The reason we have so many student orgs is because part of everyone’s tuition goes to help fund them and keep them rolling.
  • Your tuition lets you use the 3 gyms on campus for “free” anytime you would like along with the nutritionist/personal trainer you are able to get at the RPAC as well as free exercise classes like Zumba that are offered throughout the week.
  • The Younkin Success Center offers “free” counseling and stress/anxiety/time management/meditational/study tips/procrastination workshops along with many others that help you in different aspects of your life to ultimately help and enhance your time here at OSU.
  • “free” STI/STD testing at the wellness center.
  • Inside Hale Hall (which you will find and go to sooner or later) there are “free” ‘Adult Workshops’ I like to call them. They will help you build a resume or proof one that you already have to make sure it looks professional, has the things that are needed on it (because there are actually different types of resumes that are needed for different things, so you can’t have just one). They have interview practices, help you on clothing to wear for interviews, pretty much anything you would need to get a job or internship.
  • In Hagerty Hall you fill find “free” Spanish and other foreign language tutoring for help in speaking, writing, and reading so you can ace your foreign language classes (which I use a lot).
  • There are writing centers inside Thompson Library where they will check and help you write papers for any of your classes (which you will be writing a lot of). I take advantage of this A LOT! Along with the writing centers, there are 1,000’s of books you are able to check out at all of the libraries on campus. By the way, the view from the top floor of Thompson Library is breathtaking!

There are many many many more things our tuition is used for than just academics which at first may make you mad because you may not “want” these things, but you will enjoy having them once you get here.

14. OSU has a very special orientation program to help you get acclimated to campus before arriving. You have the opportunity to stay in a dorm room for the night (because it is a 2 day orientation) and eat on campus to get the feel of things. They walk you around campus (a lot, so wear comfortable shoes) and show you major areas on campus you will be going to and seeing everyday. During orientation you are given a Peer Leader and a small group to do everything with during orientation. You will get to know your group through icebreakers and some of those people will be your first friends here at the university. Your Peer Leader stays in touch with you during your whole first year, doing one-on-ones and talking with you about your experiences and helping you through your first year, so you are never alone.


15. The Oval and it’s squirrels (yes I said squirrels, they are pretty famous here on campus) are a big deal on campus. Wherever you’re going you almost have to walk through the Oval. When you are walking through the Oval so will 100 other people, it is always a busy place. In the Winter you are most likely going to get frostbite walking through the oval because it is wide open and the wind is vicious. But when it’s warm you will see people studying, playing with their dogs, people playing frisbee, capture the flag, tag, and people laying out tanning. There are often booths set up on the Oval that you can visit to learn more about certain things such as student orgs, political things going on, frats, anything.

16. Tradition is a big deal on campus. Every fall before the Ohio State vs. (that team up north) football game people, no one knows who, goes around with red tape and crosses out all of the M’s on campus weather it’s on road signs or buildings. Everywhere you go you will never see a M. It is a mystery who exactly does it and how they do it, but it is something that when you wake up that morning it instills this OSU pride in you that it’s that time of the year again and we are going to beat (TTUN), AGAIN.

  • Every year before Thanksgiving Break a student volunteer and leadership society called Staters, Inc. string christmas lights all around the lake, it’s trees, pathways, and light poles and light them up at night. The first night they light them up they sing Carmen Ohio, hold candles, and different student orgs perform something in the Browning Amphitheater that is right next to the lake. It is very pretty to see and walk through to your early classes or coming home form student org meetings at night.
  • Before every home game there are Skull Sessions in St. Johns Arena where The Best Damn Band in the Land plays their halftime routine of the day for alumni, fans, and students. It’s like a HUGE pep rally before the games. Those are just some of the traditions students take part in on campus that you can be apart of next year.

17. Your very first semester here at OSU you will be enrolled into a Survey Class that everyone has to take. I like to call it “the how to College class” because that’s exactly what it does. It teaches you how to be in college here on OSU‘s campus because our campus is like no other. This class will help you learn about all the things provided to you on campus, where things are, what you can do after you graduate with your major, and a lot of other helpful stuff. My favorite thing we did was plan our whole 4 years out. By that I mean we sat down with a list of all the classes available to us at the university (which is too many to staple together in one packet) and with the sheet of what is required from you from your Major classes and your GE’s (general education classes) and you pretty much fill in the blanks for what classes you want to take for each category you have to fill. I loved it because you have to schedule your classes by yourself and that can be hard if you don’t know what to take, but this plans everything out for you.

18. Sports are a big deal here on campus, obviously. But what you may not know is that you can play a sport here on campus without playing Varsity. Varsity may be too much of a time commitment for some people and they just want to stay in shape and have fun. If that’s you there are Club Sports and Intramural Sports here on campus you can be apart of. These sports are just like Varsity Sports as in you practice and play in games against other teams but it is less money and less of a time commitment.

19. You are able to apply to be in what are called Learning Communities here on campus. Some of the LC’s have specified housing that they reside in, so you could choose a LC to help get into a specific Residence Hall you love (which I did with my roommate to get into Siebert) but also the LC’s are a lot of fun and I learn a lot from them. I am currently in the First Year Collegian Learning Community (FYC) and it has helped me so much with getting acquainted to campus as a first year, meet new friends, and learn a lot of professional things to help me in classes and in jobs. LC’s hold functions in the residence hall it resides in that anyone in the building can go to but they are ultimately for YOU as as a member of the LC. Did I mention there is always free food at those? Yeah, there is. So join and go to the functions! Because I don’t know what other reason you need than FREE FOOD.

20. This reason is probably most interesting to your parents because it has to do with Safety. All around campus there are these big poles with bright blue lights on top with a big red button on them. These are hooked up to a phone that calls campus police when you press the button. No matter where you are on campus you will see about 3 of them around you, they are everywhere, for YOUR safety. Help will arrive shortly to that position of the pole of the button you pressed. USG has just came out with a new app for your smart phones which basically has the Blue Safety Light Poles, but for your device. This is especially helpful for off campus students walking home or for students who may not be able to reach a pole on campus. OSU also has an Escort Service which escorts students back home from anywhere on or around campus when it is dark or late outside. When you call they will either send a van or a walking team that will help you get home safely. This way you don’t put yourself in danger by walking late at night on campus alone. They will also take you home if you are intoxicated, so don’t be afraid to call and try to walk home because you’re scared you will get in trouble.

21. The last reason I wanted to mention to persuade you into choosing OSU is that during your first week as a Buckeye there is what’s called Welcome Week where 100’s of things are going on all the time that week to get you out and on campus meeting new people. There’s the Involvement Fair, Buck-I Frenzy, a dunking contest, water games like Wipe-Out, free food, T-Shirts, water bottles, and so much more for you to enjoy during your first week. There is also Convocation that week where every Freshman goes to the Shottenstein Center and sits and listens to speeches from President Drake (no, not that Drake),

  • you receive your first tassel and a Block-O pin. We take a giant selfie and sing your first Carmen Ohio together as a Freshman class. This is big because this is the only time the whole freshman class will be all together under one roof until Graduation. Then we all get on busses and go to the Shoe where they line us all up in a Block-O formation and take a giant class photo that each student gets to keep. It is a really fun experience and a perfect way to welcome incoming students to campus. It definitely gets you pumped to be a Buckeye.


Now I could go on and on about why to come to The Ohio State University next year, but that list would be too long! These are the top 21 reasons I could think of that would help persuade you to choose OSU!

I hope to see you here on campus in the fall!!



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