4 Bad Habits I Want to Break

Hey yall!

Today is day 19 of my 31 Day Blog Challenge and I’m sharing with yall 4 bad habits of mine that I want to break. Can I still use the excuse “New Year, New Me” to help me do this? Oh well, I’m going to anyways!


  1. I seem to look ahead a lot and plan ahead, like too ahead. I have trouble with living in the moment. I seem to have everything planned to a T, and there’s no changing plans after I make them. So I plan to try and break this bad habit and try living in the now and enjoying the experiences without being upset because things didn’t go 100% with the plans I created. I gotta be loose.
  2. My organization is crazy. Like too much. I do think organization is a good thing to have, but because of my OCD it is hard to be organized. I’m either all in or nothing. My organization stops me from enjoying having friends over because I’m worried that people will make something dirty or move something out of its place.
  3. I like to be right. I mean who doesn’t? But I really like to be right and I do get upset when I’m not. I’ve gotten better with that, but definitely when I was younger it was bad. I sometimes can get an attitude when I find out I’m wrong. I don’t like to admit it. But I really want to fix that because that isn’t a good thing to do. I can admit when I’m wrong, but with certain people it is easier to do than with others. I want to be able to admit when I’m wrong with everyone.
  4. I am a perfectionist. If I get to plan something or make something up, do something I want it done right. I do believe that whole saying “If you want anything done right, you got to do it yourself.” But I feel like if it isn’t up to my standards I won’t like it. It has to be done 100% right for my liking. But I have to stop thinking that because my 100% is different than other people’s 100% and my image in my head is perfect but in real life cannot be that way.


I know I’m filled with bad habits but these are my top 4 that I want to break as of right now. What is a bad habit that you want break?



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