My Dream Job

Hey yall!!

For day 15 of my 31 Day Blog Challenge I am actually going to be doing what is originally for day 16 because I have come up with a surprise to go along with todays original topic, but it won’t be ready until tomorrow, so yall will have to tune in tomorrow to see what the surprise is!! The suspense, I know is unbearable! But tomorrow will com soon enough.

But today I’m talking about my dream job!


My dream job, that I am going to college towards, is to be a lawyer, but ultimately a judge. That is my dream. I love watching Law & Order and Criminal Minds, or anything of that nature. I love the justice system, but there are a lot of things wrong and corrupt inside of it. I want to try to fix the problems from the inside.

I specifically want to be a lawyer for cases involving women’s rights, people of color’s rights, transgender, queer, etc. rights, and anything of that nature. But, I want to be a prosecutor because I personally couldn’t defend someone I know killed 30 people for example and because I’m just such a good lawyer (because duh, I will be) I win the case, and now a murderer/rapist goes free!! I could’t live with myself if I did that.

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Another dream job of mine is to open my own cheerleading gym and run my own
competitive all-star cheerleading program. I love cheerleading so much and I love coaching but I would also love to start my own cheer family and business. I could build up strong and passionate athletes and make them world champions (in my dreams). But, that’s only if I was rich, because starting a business isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy. But if things were easy that is what I would prefer spending the rest of my life doing.

Another dream job of mine would be to be a stay at home mom with my kids (whenever I have them). This one is very realistic seeing as there are a lot of stay at home mothers. But unfortunately the world is run by money, and staying at home taking care of my kids doesn’t pay the bills. Yeah my future husband can work and be the bread winner, but I want to be out there making my own money too. Kind of a pride thing I guess!


What is your dream job? Share with us down below!!




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