What’s Inside My Book Bag – 2016

Hey yall!

We are now 14 days into my 31 Day Blog Challenge!! That is 2 weeks!! Ahhh! My newbie blog is 2 weeks old today yall!! But anyway, today I’m supposed to be sharing with yall what is inside my handbag, except, I don’t carry a handbag, I carry a book bag. So I’ll be sharing with yall what is inside of my book bag instead!


Here is my beautiful Nfinity book bag that I use for college. Yes it is sparkly and that is because it is actually a cheerleading bag that I bought during the season for $100 to use in college! This bag is awesome because since it is made for cheerleading, it has a lot of space and the back and straps are cushioned for support so carrying heavy loads doesn’t hurt my back or shoulders.

In the side pockets of my book bag I carry a water bottle, an umbrella, and a safety light that I got in a care package sent to me by my dad. It lights up on the top as a flash light, and the base of it has 2 different settings of the solid color flashing color light for walking to class when it is still dark outside to my 8ams just in case. I also have 3 pins on my bag: a Breast Cancer Awareness pink bow, a Got Consent? pin, and a Student Affairs Res Life pin which is for the USG (Undergraduate Student Government) student org committee I am apart of.

In the bottom small pocket I keep my pens (my favorite G2 pens are the only pens I can use), highlighters, white-out, glasses, and my USB flash drive. During that time of the month I keep a small coin purse type thing holding my feminine products in this pocket as well, along with some Ibuprofen or Midol in case I need something when I am in class.

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The next pocket going up, with the infinity sign on it, holds my portfolio for taking notes. Yes, it’s pink and there’s a pink pen in it. I use this to take notes because I don’t like the little fringes on the side of paper when it is ripped out of spiral notebooks and I like how I can fold it over and it fits on the small college desks.

Inside that pocket I also carry with me my favorite Vanilla Bean lotion, a small perfume for emergencies, a hair tie, and CARMEX, which is a necessity in winter. I also keep a couple snacks with me just in case. If you’re catching on, I carry things in preparation for the worst. But this way I am always prepared!

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In the next middle pocket I keep a red folder, which actually has 8 pockets inside so I only have 1 folder for all my classes and each class gets a specified pocket or 2 (it saves a lot of space and makes my load lighter instead of bringing 5 separate folders), I carry my Spanish Book with me at all times because I have Spanish at 8am everyday and in that class we use the book so I always have to bring it. If another class says to bring their book I’ll throw it in this pocket too. I also keep my planner in that pocket too.


In the very back pocket of my book bag is where I keep my laptop because this book bag has a laptop pocket to keep it cushioned and separated from any other books/papers with a strap that is velcro so it stays in place. I usually don’t need to bring my charger with me to classes because since my classes are back to back to back to back with a 8am class, 9am class, 10am class, and 11am class I am only gone for 5 hours at most and my battery can last 24 hours (which is great), but if I needed to bring it, it would go with my laptop.


There’s a look inside my book bag and what I carry with me on a daily basis. What is something you carry with you everyday?


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