What If I Won the Lottery

Hey yall!

We are 12 days into my 31 Day Blog Challenge and I get to fantasize what it would be like winning the lottery today.

This is perfect timing because the US is focused on the Power Ball right now with the amount rising each week. Wow. Can you imagine winning millions of dollars…


Now actually, how the lottery works whoever won wouldn’t even get the full amount due to taxes and other things being taken out first. But still, anything you get after taxes from the power ball is a nice amount of money.

If I did win the lottery I would first pay my student loans and the rest of my tuition. After that I would be left with approximately $3 and with that I would go to Taco Bell and get 3 Cheese Roll-Ups.

No but really, after paying my tuition for my undergrad, paying for textbooks for all 4 years, and paying for the 3 years of Law School tuition and anything extra I might need in Law School, most of my lottery winnings would be gone. With the remaining (on a practical level), I would put towards a house.

On a non-practice level, I would REALLY love to spend my winnings all on rescuing every puppy, kitten, and any other animals in shelters and build my own shelter that houses them correctly and not inhumanly. I would have a big yard for the dogs to play in so they would’t be stuck in cages all day where they are forced to pee and poop in their kennels and ultimately sleep in it. They would be happy. And when they get adopted, even happier. But at least that transitional phase before that wouldn’t depress the animals.

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My shelter would never get “too full” so there would be no euthanizing the animals just because we are “out of room” because I would buy a HUGE plot of land. People looking to adopt would be more likely to adopt from my shelter because they can see these animals happy and how they would be at home instead of depressed and not wanting to play because they are stuck in small cages all day.

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The area for cats would be wonderful as well with a lot of toys and catnip, things to crawl on, and other kitties for them to play with. I would have areas for birds, bunnies, reptiles, fishes, anything really. I want to save them all!!!!


If I was already a millionaire and won the lottery I would just blow this money doing everything in my power to counter Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Weather that be with my own commercials, rallies, flyers, anything. I would do everything I could to further expose Donald Trump as the racist and unfit man he is to run this country. *end rant*


But ultimately, If I won the lottery, the money would be spent on something good and worth while, not just clothes, parties, and extravagant things that people don’t actually need. Of course I would splurge a little, but people can go too far when money is involved.

What would YOU do with your money if you won the lottery?


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