My First Celebrity Crush

Hey yall!

We are 10 days into my 31 Day Blog Challenge and I’m sharing my 1st celebrity crush with yall.

I’m sure you can all guess who my first celebrity crush was. It was every 12 year old girls’ celebrity crush.


JB or otherwise known as Justin Bieber.

Yes I had Bieber Fever, I was a Belieber, and yes I had all his CD’s, I had his book, and I went to see his first movie in theaters.

I mean who didn’t want to be One Less Lonely Girl!! Embarrassing I know. I would ask my mom to buy me teen magazines so I could have posters of him and then I would hang them all up on my bedroom walls as decoration. My bedroom was the typical 12 year old’s room.

JB has been through a lot since then. I fell off with him after a year or two. But his new album has sparked this new Bieber Fever in me, but not as strong as before. I don’t have posters of him hanging up or anything but I could listen to his new album Purpose forever. The songs on that album are so deep and catchy. I love them. My personal favorites are Sorry and Love Yourself.

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Who was your first celebrity crush? Share down below!


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