How to Survive the Winter in College | 15 Tips

Hey yall!

It’s that time of the year again, yes, winter. Brr. And dressing for winter on a college campus is WAY different than dressing for winter in high-school.

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1. Buy Boots

I suggest everyone get a good pair, and I mean a good pair of boots. Not combat boots, real winter boots. I wear Sperry Duck Boots. The ones that are leather on top and rubber on the bottom and so far they work great for keeping my feet warm and dry! I wear fuzzy socks or boot socks with them for extra warmth inside.


2. Get a Parka

You should invest your money in a good puffy, warm, and long winter parka. The wind is harsh and cold and the extra long jackets help keep your legs warm too! Get one with a furry hood to help keep your head warm too.

Helpful Tip: I’ve started wearing yoga pants/leggings underneath my jeans for extra layers and warmth and it works!!

3. Cover Your Head

Get a winter hat, one that is thick and will keep you warm because most of your body heat leaves through your head, so if you want to stay warm cover your head! I like the headband type earmuffs that girls are wearing because it just covers your ears and wraps around your head like a headband does. That’s always an option if you don’t like the traditional hats. Something I see a lot of guys wearing are half of a face mask type thing that covers the bottom of your face and has nose holes so you can still breath but you’re face is warm!


4. Get Gloves

I would recommend touch screen ones so if you have to check the bus schedule, class schedule, or snapchat while walking you don’t have to take off your gloves to do so. But you should definitely get gloves because putting your hands in your pockets can only do so much.

5. Blanket Scarfs

Well I mean I’m obsessed with them, so of course I’m going to tell all of you to get one! Guys can get scarves too so don’t use that as an excuse. P.S. the ladies love them. Blanket scarfs are perfect because they are HUGE and will for sure keep you warm because you can wrap your whole body up in those things.

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This is what my roommate and I look like going to class in the winter.

6. Layer Up People!

Don’t try to be cute. This isn’t the season for that, save all of that for the spring. I wear layers because you can be extra warm walking to classes but then when you get to class you can un-layer and be comfortable. Your classrooms will have the heat CRANKED and it will be too hot to keep all of your winter gear on. Trust me.

7. Stay in Shape

I know in the winter your motivation to work out and eat healthier goes down but don’t let that happen! Workout at the gym on campus (lucky me again theres one right next-door) or workout in your dorm! Run the stairs of your building! There’s plenty you could do without leaving if you don’t want to.

8. Give Yourself Time

Leave a little earlier for classes than usual. Not 15-20 minutes earlier but 5-10 minutes because the walk can take a little longer than normal in the winter depending on how snowy/cold it is. If you plan on taking the bus you should still leave early because the busses will be packed and you might not be able to get on the first one that comes by.

9. Stack Up on Food

Keep food in your dorm so you don’t have to leave unless you absolutely have to. Luckily my dorm is connected to one of our Traditional Dining Areas via underground tunnel. Yes I said that right. I can just go to the basement walk through some tunnels and get to eat without ever going outside. So unless you’re lucky like me, go grocery shopping and keep snacks and food you can make in your dorm.


Helpful Tip: Keep some healthy snacks in your dorm room. This way you are FORCED to eat healthy!

10. Self Care

woman-698943_1920Get your sleep and take care of yourself. Winter is the inevitable time where everyone seems to get sick. So please get your sleep and stay healthy so you don’t have to miss any school. (once you miss one class in college it’s like you missed a whole semester, so don’t miss class unless you have to).

11. Stay Healthy

Going back to everyone getting sick, carry hand sanitizer and wash your hands regularly so you don’t catch anything from anyone else.

Helpful Tip: try not to touch anything with your bare hands because in the winter people sneeze, cough, and wipe their noses then touch the seats and hand rails. Gross. So please if YOU are sick, don’t touch anything, and if you’re not sick still don’t touch anything!

12. Carry Chapstick

Always carry Carmex or any type of lip moisturizer because licking your lips outside in the cold is crucial. Your lips will just get chapped and you will be miserable.

13. Moisturize

Put lotion on! Don’t let your skin get ashy. Especially your hands and elbows. I recommend getting a hand scrub that can get rid of dead skin, then moisturize your skin. I use Mary Kay Satin Hands set all the time, but always in the winter!

14. Be Graceful

You will slip on campus, don’t try to save yourself or you will end up falling harder. Just fall as gracefully as possible. If you fall don’t be embarrassed because at the same time you’re falling there’s 200 other people that are falling at the same time. It’s okay.

15. Don’t Forget Anything

Bring everything you need with you when you leave your dorm in the morning so you don’t have to walk back and forth from classes to your dorm to drop off and pick up stuff. I bring everything I need with me for all my classes to my 8am’s because I don’t want to have to walk back to South Campus (where I live) from North Campus (where all my classes are) 5 times a day. The less time I have to be outside, the better. So I get up on North Campus and I stay there until all of my classes are over. If I have time in-between classes I’ll go to the library to do homework or to a dining facility and grab a snack.


Please stay warm this winter and get the necessary things to help you survive the winter on campus! Yes winter things can be expensive but it is worth it because they last a long time! Spending $200 on a good parka will last you all of college and even further! Same with boots. So be willing to get good quality things to really keep you warm.

Add your own winter survival tips down below to add to the list!



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