Survival Tips for Your First Winter in College

First of all, if you read this title and huffed a little because “what’s the big deal?” then you have another thing coming! Winter on a college campus is no joke! The most of winter we had to deal with in high school was walking from your door to the bus and then to the bus to the front doors. That is nothing. In college you are walking for AT LEAST 10 minutes and on OSU’s campus up to 30 minutes to get where you need to be. So get ready for your first real winter people, here’s how.


Dress Accordingly

It is winter, it is cold, so dress like it. Don’t wear flip flops, sandals, or even converse when it’s snowing. Also, don’t wear your Uggs. They are not water or snow proof. They are only good for the cold. I would invest in some actual snow boots of some kind. People on campus are currently obsessing over the Sperry Duck Boots right now and I must say they are cute and functional, so they get my approval! I would also get a nice winter jacket that will keep you warm. I recommend the long ones that at least go to your knees for extra warmth. My #1 favorite fall and winter clothing item is a scarf and I wear one every day to keep my face warm!

Be Prepared

Know that when it snows, it is cold. Which means no one wants to walk to classes. Which also means the busses will be packed. So be prepared to be stuffed inside like a can of sardines. Also be aware that the busses may be so full that they aren’t able to pick you up on the first go around, so you may have to wait for another bus, which adds time to your morning commute. So plan accordingly.

Plan Ahead

Stock up on food in the dorms that way you don’t have to venture out into the cold to the dining halls to eat. Pack your book bag with some winter essentials that way you have them when you need them like lotion and chapstick! Because no one likes cracked lips or hands in the winter time. Also double check yourself before you leave in the morning for classes to be sure you didn’t forget anything. It would be awful for you to walk 10 minutes to class only to realize you forgot your book and now you have to walk 10 minutes back to your dorm them 10 minutes back to your class because 1) you’re late and 2) you just spent a half hour outside in the cold!


Good luck this winter everyone! Stay warm!


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