Piercings vs. Tattoos

Do you have a tattoo? What about piercings? Well for day 10 I am giving you my run down on them both.



I have my ears pierced, but I never wear earrings because my ears are really sensitive and my they get irritated when I wear them. I had my belly button pierced but that got ripped out at cheerleading practice. Yeah, not fun. It hurt. I got my nose pierced but I had to take that out. I guess I don’t have the best of luck with piercings. Oh well. I plan on getting my belly button and nose re-pierced at some point!

I love septum piercings. But I could never get one myself!! I also couldn’t get any type of lip piercing because feeling the back of that on the inside of my mouth would drive me crazy!!

I like when people have a top and bottom belly button piercing because those, to me at least, are so new and they look cool when you get cool rings. I love the look of a fully pierced ear, all the way up, with hoops and like diamonds on the first 2. They look so sleek to me.

Dermal piercings creep me out because I don’t know how they’re put in there or how they stay! Ahh! I just picture myself snagging it on EVERYTHING and hurting myself with it, I could never!! They’re cute when people get them on their collar bones or back dimples though! But too scary for me!

Tongue piercings are dangerous because one wrong move from your piercer and it’s over for you. So that’s too scary for me and I could never get it done because I eat A LOT of noodles and I just picture the noodles getting wrapped around my tongue ring (I know after having one you learn how to eat, but you get the point of my fears!) But if you’re risky, then go ahead!!
I’m not even going to talk about piercings that go you know where, *cough*cough* eww.


They hurt. End of story. Obviously depending on where you get them and how big they are and weather or not your artist is heavy handed or not. Shading, etc. will make it hurt worse more than likely. There are a lot of factors, but moral of the story is they will hurt to some extent.

They are permanent, so choose wisely what you want on your body and where you want it. My rule of thumb for tattoos is think about if this will look good on your wedding day (so weather or not it will show in your dress and if it does will it look okay).

I only have one tattoo, that didn’t hurt that much mainly because it is13012871_1673944646190743_6826381553307901006_n very small and where I got it at (back of my shoulder). Some people have every inch of them tatted and they look great, others not so much because of what they have tatted and the quality of them.

Tattoos are expensive, for a reason! You get what you pay for people! This thing you’re paying for is staying on you forever so you want to make sure it looks good! If you get one of your buddies to do it for you in their basement for $20 you’re more than likely going to get an amateur tattoo. But my personal opinion, go to a shop and pay good money for it so it looks good and you won’t have to come back and get it touched up or fixed because your buddy messed up.


I love piercings and tattoos because you can freely express yourself on your body. Your body is a canvas and you are the artist!! If someone doesn’t like what is on your body, it doesn’t matter because remember: it is YOUR body and YOU are the one with the piercing or tattoo, so forget them! Do whatever you want to YOUR body (of course with permission from your parents first if you are under 18).


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