I Went to the Wrong Class…My First Day of College Story

Hey yall!

In light of it being the first week of classes, I thought I’d share a story about what happened on my very first day of college my freshman year.


It was bright and early and I got up, showered, and did my makeup because I was super pumped to start college! I mean what freshman wasn’t excited + doing the most on the first day of school? Here’s me that morning.1509989_1605257289726146_7360362369639370287_n

Yes, I was that freshman girl who tried VERY hard to look cute on the first day (and tried too hard to take this selfie). But that’s another story for another time.

I started walking to the Psychology building for my class but I stopped at Thompson Library to get a blueberry bagel and an apple juice (which is now a morning ritual for me) because I was a little early. While walking out of the library I double checked my screen-shotted schedule to see what room my class was in and noticed my class wasn’t even in the Psychology building..

Side-note: I don’t know if yall realize how big OSU really is. You can’t just get to the building you THINK you’re supposed to be at, realize that’s not the right one, turn around and be at the one you’re REALLY supposed to be at in 5 minutes. No. Walks to classes can be 5 minutes, but more like 15 minutes to 30 minutes for me. There is no messing up, or you end up late.Ohio-State-University-main-campus-map

So I start freaking out and map where the building I was SUPPOSED to be at (because remember I’m a freshman and have no idea where I am, where anything is at, or how to get anywhere). I started speed walking, faster than the olympic speed walkers (yes those are a thing). I didn’t want to be that crazy person who runs around campus!! I couldn’t have that be my reputation on the first day. So I’m speed walking to my new building and when I finally get there I’m like 10 minutes late. I debated going in at all because then everyone would stare at me for being late. But I had to, it was the first day and my very first class of the semester and college in general.

So I walk in and the only seat available is all the way in the back, of course. Now I have to walk past 100 beating eyes to get to my seat all the way in the back.

We start our first lesson (which should be against the rules during syllabus week) so I take out my notebook and take notes. She assigns homework (which should also be against the rules) and I start it because we had a couple extra minutes at the end. I felt good, the professor seems really nice, the class seems really interesting, and I’m pumped for college (despite the morning I had).

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When the class was ending and everyone started packing up the professor says: “I’m excited to be your professor this semester and welcome to Psychology *some big number*”

Wait. What? I thought this was Psychology 1100, an intro class.

I was so confused. I was late for the class so I had missed her introduction where she probably initially welcomed everyone to this Psychology course, and if I was on time I would have realized I was in the wrong class, but of course I wasn’t.

I had taken notes and started homework for a class I wasn’t even in. I sat through a 2 hour class THAT WASN’T EVEN MINE. Worse than that, I missed the whole day of my actual Psychology 1100 class.

I looked back at the schedule I had screen-shotted on my phone and it said I was supposed to be in this room. I was super confused so I rushed back to my dorm so I could check my schedule on Carmen (which is our online school basis for classes) and see what was going on. This schedule said my class was actually in the Psychology building, but the schedule on my phone told me otherwise.

So I came up with the conclusion that my class was ORIGINALLY there, but got switched (after I screen-shotted it of course) so I didn’t know it changed. I had to email my professor and explain to her what happened and why I missed class. I was super embarrassed.


So, moral of the story is: check where your classes are on a refreshed internet page THE DAY OF classes so you know of any changes that were made and you don’t end up in the wrong class. Like me.

Let’s just say after all of that I didn’t want to go to anymore classes and I was upset. This was the end result after that class. 11954718_1605257336392808_2669960619899809512_n


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