My Top 10 Favorite Foods

Hey yall!

It’s Day 7 of my 31 Day Blog Challenge and I’m going to share with you my top 10 favorite foods.


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This is actually really hard because I am a picky eater. I stick to the same stuff and I don’t eat a wide variety of things. But here it goes. (In no particular order)

  1. Noodles. Of any kind. It can be pasta, rice, spaghetti, rigatoni, Alfredo, mac n cheese, whatever shape, I love them. I like spaghetti noodles, but not spaghetti sauce. Weird, I know. I like my noodles with butter and salt.
  2. Bread. Of any kind also. I like cheesy bread, garlic bread, bagels, baguette bread, anything.
  3. Brownies, especially when they’re fresh and gooey.
  4. Hershey Cookies N’ Cream bars are waaayyyy better than the regular chocolate. I suggest you try them, BUT you have to try the King Size XL bar because they taste better than the normal sized ones. Yes the different sizes have different tastes (to me at least).
  5. Sour Punch Straws in either blue or red are my go to candy for any situation. I love anything sour, but these are my fav.
  6. Ice-cream. Is ice-cream considered food? I consider it a food, so it is on my list. My favorite flavors would have to be cotton candy or cookies n cream. My favorite place to get ice-cream is Cold Stone. (although Dairy Queen’s Cotton Candy Blizzard, which has been missing for so many years, is my ultimate ice-cream choice).
  7. Popcorn!!!!! Who doesn’t love salty buttery popcorn?! That is my snack of choice when I’m binge watching Netflix.
  8. Cherry Pie is the only pie I like. But I only eat the cherries inside because I don’t eat the crust. So basically I should change #8 to just cherries. Oh well.
  9. Pineapple is pretty much the only fruit I eat, but I love them and could eat them all day.
  10. S’mores is my favorite fall food. I LOVE eating s’mores by the fire. It’s so soothing. D and I went to a restaurant where they had s’more making as a dessert!! It was so cool!


As you can see my diet isn’t very healthy, but I plan on changing that hopefully. I like carbs, I don’t like meat. I love sweets, I don’t like veggies. In short I am the that little kid who has to sit at the table for 2 hours until they finish their veggies.

Share some of your favorite healthy/good foods that you like down below so I can try them out.


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