3 Personality Traits I’m Proud of

Hey yall!

12573892_1645545732363968_8668923623295097554_nSo I know yesterdays post threw some people off. But I just wanted to follow that up with that today was the first day of classes for the Spring Semester, and guess what I wore? A SCARF. It was snowing, so it was needed, but still. They’re my guilty pleasure.

Anyways, day 6 of my 31 Day Blog Challenge is naming 3 personality traits that I’m proud of. Coincidentally I took a Psychology 1100 class my 1st semester here at OSU and learned about the Big 5 Personality Traits, and I feel proud I retained something from last semester (because that is rare).


I already had to take a test on my personality for that class and write a report on it so I’m just going to give yall a quick lesson and insight into my personality based on the Big 5 Traits, or OCEAN, which is the acronym for all 5.

Disclosure: My source for all of this comes from my Psychology 1100 Class taught by Ann Wilson at The Ohio State University through lectures, guided notes, and textbook: Cacioppo, J. & Freberg, L. Discovering Psychology: The Science of Mind. OSU Edition.

O: Openness to Experience. This is considered a persons appreciation to the arts, if they like to try new things, or if they tend to stick to a schedule. As you might have guessed I am low on this scale because I PLAN EVERYTHING. I always stick to a schedule and I like things in their place and done at the right time.

C: Conscientiousness is a persons tendency to be organized, dependable, self-disciplined, and planned rather than spontaneous. I scored very high in this because of reasons already mentioned in multiple blog posts and above. This is me to a T. If I say I’m going to do something I do it, at the time I say it will be done (mainly because I will plan my days out so that I do get it done).

E: Extraversion is, in short, a persons positive emotions and their willingness to seek the company of others. I scored average on this. I love to talk to people. When I was really young my mom would tell me I would run away from her in public places and just talk to everyone. Now, I am still talkative but to people I already know. I love to be with people. I don’t like the quiet and I don’t like being by myself very often.

A: Agreeableness is a persons compassion and cooperativeness rather than being suspicious and antagonistic. I scored average in this. I see myself as being very compassionate to everyone but I would rather work in a small group or by myself than in a large group. (probably why I scored average, because I am on both sides).

N: Neuroticism is the opposite of Extraversion. It is a persons negative emotions such as anger and anxiety. I scored average on this as well. That hopefully means that I’m normal, or as normal as normal gets at least, because I don’t have high negative emotions but I’m not stuck smiling 24/7.

So those are the 5 Big Personality Traits broken down into a mini college Psych 1100 class for yall, and how I scored on them! You can thank me later.


This blog is a real insight into my mind and life. If you’re interested in taking a personality test yourself to see what you score on these Big 5 Traits you can google “Big 5 Personality Trait Test” and there will be multiple that pop up. Tell me how you scored below!


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