A Guilty Pleasure of Mine

It is day 5 and today’s challenge is to write about my guilty pleasure. Which I must say is a bit personal. I contemplated if I should even write on this today, but I decided to!



So here it goes. My guilty pleasure would have to be…..


I KNOW!!!! Crazy!! No, but really. I hoard and collect scarves like nobodies business. I’m sure there’s someone out there who has more than me, but I have yet to meet them. My friends are in shock when I show them my stash (that I keep secretly hidden behind my dorm door, which is always propped open).

I have tons of plain colored V-necks, long sleeve shirts, and sweaters to wear with them but I need more because right now my scarves are out numbering my shirts to wear them with!!

I don’t know why I keep buying them but every time I see a scarf that I don’t have I buy it. Especially when they’re on sale, I can’t resist. Retail therapy is my excuse. The worst part is I do have favorite ones that I wear more than others and then I have some that never get worn for a while and I feel bad. Not because I’m hurting their feelings or anything but because I have so many but I stick to the same 10-15 ones!!! But I could never get rid of any of them because they’re beautiful. I need to be on True Life: I’m addicted to scarves.

11202112_1630433643875177_721781181168203091_nI try and wear one everyday if I can. That is why fall is my favorite season because I love boots, scarves, and sweaters. I love the cute fall outfits you can create.

My favorite place to buy scarves from would be Charolette Russe because they either have a sale on them for $5 or a BOGO free sale all the time!! I also like Forever 21 because they have pretty, fluffy, and warm ones a lot of the time but they can be a little pricier than Charolette Russe. Charming Charlie’s always has cute scarves that are placed color coded style with matching purses and jewelry which is always a plus (not for my wallet though).12523914_1640568882861653_5049245673260455360_n

I love infinity scarves the most, but blanket scarves come in a close second, then the regular long ones. I am getting fancier with how I tie the regular ones so they’re more interesting.

I know you all read the title and intro to this expecting me to share something COMPLETELY different, which makes me smirk because I fooled yall.

What is your guilty pleasure? Something serious or funny!


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