How I Thought Of My Blog Name

Welcome to day 3! If you’ve ever wondered how I got my blog name, then keep reading!


It took me days before I actually did come up with a name. I was trying to come up with something that had alliteration with my nickname: Muh. Such as ‘Muh’s Memories’ and things along those lines. But I wasn’t feeling it. I couldn’t come up with anything that I liked that wasn’t cheesy.

So I went to Pinterest, because that is what I do with all of my problems, and found a blog post on how to help pick your blog/business name!

I’ll post the link here so if anyone is in the same boat can get help also!

I followed those steps and started throwing words down about anything I was going to be writing about and pretty much made a diagram off of each word coming up with more words to go along with it.

I was sitting at my desk while doing this and started looking around naming random things on it such as my lamp, highlighter, and the desk itself. But once I started thinking about words about what I was going to be writing about I got stuck because I was going to be writing about college experiences, but these posts would be going out to people who are at different colleges and all over the place. I was going to be moving from my residence hall next year and wouldn’t be at the same desk/dorm. I would be moving around throughout my 4 years here at tOSU.

I realized I would be drifting, get it. Drifting from desk to desk writing these blog posts about my college experiences. I was looking for specific words that had alliteration. Something that would be easy to remember and catchy to my readers and alliteration does that.

After all of that, I came up with My Drifting Desk. That’s when I knew I found the perfect blog name.


If any of you are interested in starting a blog really think long and hard about your name because that is what everyone is going to see, remember, and look at every time they click on your site. The name may take hours, days, or weeks to come up with but when it comes you’ll know it’s perfect!


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