What You Are Getting Yourself Into

Hey yall!

So, I’ve been sitting here thinking, “I have this blog..what the hell am I going to write about on it?” and it’s been a couple of days since I’ve created my blog and I still haven’t come up with anything to write about…until now.


I was on Pinterest, as always, and came across a 31 Day Blog Challenge. You can find it here! if you are curious as to what I’ll be writing about. If you want to leave it a mystery, keep reading and keep checking in to see what each day has in store! So to help get the ball rolling I am going to write a blog post everyday for 31 days with help from these ideas!

I also have some other posts in mind that I want to share with everyone, so there might be 2 in a day sometimes, who knows! I am very excited to start this journey and for all of you to come along with me.

 I plan my for blog to be centered around college expectations and reality, transitioning to college, DIY how-to’s, personal experience tips, and relationship stuff. My life isn’t that interesting, but I feel like this platform can help a lot of people I know back home getting ready to graduate and come to college themselves.

Before I came to college I was reading every blog post on how to pack, decorate, etc. and I want to be something people can come to for ideas, tips, and advice on conquering college!


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